Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Now I have Proof!

I have long suspected the Goofmart pharmacy at Bedlam and Fastway (not far from here) has been sending patients to us just because they don't want to deal with them. I've suspected this before... see LINK.

Today I think I have proof.

Ring, ring

Me: "Thank you, so much, for calling Goofmart Pharmacy, where we put a lot of thought into giving a shot. How may I help you?"

Jones: "This is Jones down the street. You have Transderm Scop patches in stock?"

Me, looking on the shelf: "Nope, not one patch. Sorry."


Ten minutes later, a lady appears at the window.

Lady: "I'd like to get this prescription filled."

I look at it. It's for Transderm Scop patches.

Me: "Did Jones send you down here? I told him on the phone we don't have these in stock."

Lady: Blank stare

Me: "He called me a few minutes ago and asked me if I have them. I don't."

Lady: "He said I should check anyway."

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