Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The New Boy Scout Motto

Anyone associated with scouting knows the boy scout motto: 

Be Prepared

But apparently it needs to be updated.

Yesterday a lady from Canada comes up the pharmacy window with a question about her son. It was one of those typical mom questions we get all the time. Little Ricky has the beginnings of a cold and she wants to know what I can give to the young man to help him out. We're actually trained to deal with these questions. As I'm telling her what I think she should do, a man, walking by, interrupts...

"I'm a scout master. What he needs is Airborne. I give it to all my scouts when they're feeling ill. It fixes them right up."

The amazing scout master proudly walks away, having done his good deed for the day.

I explain my thoughts on Airborne and why it isn't magic. The lady chooses to heed my advice.

Now don't get me wrong. I have boys that are scouts and one of them earned the Eagle Scout award. I think scouting is great for young men.

But I think this scout master needs to adopt a new scout motto:


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Squarepantspharmd said...

Poem from an Eagle Scout Pharmacist:

Airborne is not a miracle drug in the slighest; more like a placebo at its finest.

Be prepared fellow druggists.