Thursday, August 3, 2017

Urgent Care or Urgent Careless?

We have an Urgent Care in the same building at Goofmart Grocery. We know their scripts because they are always printed on the same green paper. We also know who the prescriber is based on whether there are two scripts on the paper or three.

If there are two, it is Prescriber 1. Prescriber 1 gives everyone Augment 875 quantity 20 BID plus Prednisone 20mg quantity 5, 1 QAM.

If it has three scripts, it is Prescriber 2. Prescriber 2 gives everyone Amoxicillin 500mg quantity 30 TID, Flonase, and Phenergan with Codeine syrup.

It's amazing how in this neighborhood, everyone that goes to the Urgent Care all have the same condition when they see Prescriber 1, whereas the others that see Prescriber 2 on a different day all have a different condition requiring the other set of exact medications. What an amazing coincidence... or perhaps a little scary? Is it Urgent Care, Urgent Careless, or Urgent Scare?


Tom Bridgeland said...

Nah, just lots of rep infections, of unknown cause. A little ABX just in case it's bacterial, a bit of steroid just for the heck of it, might help reduce symptoms if it's viral or whatever. The codeine just to make the pt happier. Pretty cut and dried.

See much the same in the hospital, when pt's come up from ED. They ALL got a fluid bolus. Everyone needs 1000mls of saline water. Most of them get an ABX and a pain shot. Duonebs if it looks respiratory. That holds most of them until our docs can look at them a few hours later.

Chest pain gets nitro, ASA and O2.

Anonymous said...

Considering your recent post showing that they prescribed an antibiotic when the diagnosis was common cold, I would say scare