Saturday, August 19, 2017

We were Open 12 Hours Today

I closed the pharmacy last night at 9pm. I was halfway down the aisle when some guy said "You're closed? I need my medicine."

I replied, "I'm sorry. I've been here 12 hours and I need to go home," as I kept walking out. 

I assume there will now be a complaint.


Unknown said...

And who cares? Let him complain. Takes way too much to open back up. Good for you for going on home. I had plenty of folks pull that crap over the years and the ones that had to come back usually learned.

Anonymous said...

No, No, 'needing' to go home isn't a proper reason. The Pharmacy is closed, the computers are off, the register is locked...those are 'real' reasons. I can have the keys in my hand, and say "everything is locked up," [while I keep moving, of course], and that settles it. Easy and no complaint.