Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Let's Get Specific!

So I'm supposed to dispense EXACTLY 137.2ml of Amoxicillin 400mg/5ml suspension and tell the parent that she needs to extract EXACTLY 9.8ml of suspension for each and every dose.

Really, doc? Really? 

Who's in charge? You or the software?


Edward said...

As a fellow pharmacist you know very well that that extra 16mgs of Amoxil will have serious consequences. LOL.

ndenunz said...

So, do you have to dispense it with a pipette so the patient can get the exact right amount? (sarcasm font off)

Anonymous said...

Crazy (I'm pretty sure) is pointing out a real problem. A scrip is a legal document, directing the pharmacist to do something to order. If the pharmacist uses his common sense and dispenses, say, 140 or 150 ml, both reasonable amounts, the pharmacist has broken the law (literally, not "technically"), and would be liable for any consequences. Or, in an audit, could have his license pulled. (OK, it'd take an idiot auditor/state board to do that. Have you ever met some of these people?) Similarly, underfilling is equally illegal. Putting dumb directions on the label is easy, and most -not all- parents would just dose 10 ml or whatever didn't get spit out, but changing the label is also not allowed.

Crazy's complaint to the doc is valid. And he illustrates exactly what's wrong with e-scripts and automated calculation programs.

(Crazy- correct me if I'm wrong here, or don't publish).