Thursday, November 2, 2017

Why do they Ask?

"How may I help you?" I ask.

"We're from out of town. My daughter has a rash."

I look at her daughter. She clearly has a case of urticaria. Mom tells me that it must be from a new necklace she was wearing.

Now I'm not a prescribing physician, but it is clearly just a typical little textbook rash.

I recommend an antihistamine.

Mom looks at me. "Are you sure that's what you want to recommend?"

Sensing a quibble, I tell her that there is an Urgent Care on across the street and she should take her daughter there.

"Oh no, I trust your judgment. Absolutely."

Once again I recommend an antihistamine.

"Are you sure?"

Please, someone, somewhere, euthanize me.


Anonymous said...

"I have this problem, what do you recommend for it?"
"Product X is the best choice, because bla-bla-bla..."
"Wouldn't Product Y be better?"

Why, why don't you ask for Product Y in the first place and live me alone in my misery ?!?

tbunni said...

Like you're going to change your mind in the last 15 seconds. I wonder what they would have thought if you'd said, "Well, yes, Product Y would be better."


Anonymous said...

You should have recommended an enema.

C said...

lots of adults think that anti-histamines are for nasal allergies- wrong but that is what they think. Dogs, however, get hives from ragweed...