Monday, July 2, 2018

Potassium by Phone

Ring... ring....

"Thank you for choosing Goofmart Pharmacy, where we'll be the first pharmacy to give you a Shingles shot when we get them back in stock! How may I help you today?"

"Hi Crazy, this is Maxine. I have a new prescription for my mom Sloan. It's for potassium 10mg. Quantity ten. You have that in stock?"

"You mean 10 mEq?"

"Oh, yes, M-E-Q. Yes. Yes. What's that mean, anyway? I thought drugs came in milligrams. Is that a mistake? Do you have it in stock? Can we come get it?"

"Electrolytes are measured that way. Yes, we have it."

"Ok! Ok! Ok! We're on our way." <click>

Maxine and Sloan come into the pharmacy five minutes later. Sam the tech is there at the register. Maxine and Sloan are extremely surprised the medication isn't filled and ready for them.

"But I called ahead," Maxine blurts out. Sam rolls his eyes. I step up the register. "You called and asked me if I have it in stock. I do. But we still need to fill the prescription."

"Well I thought you could just get it ready for me ahead of time! Now we have to wait!"

Now just so you understand here... Maxine and Sloan have been patients at our pharmacy for a good ten years. They know how it works. They know we need a prescription to fill a medication. For whatever reason, however... TODAY they thought they could just call in their own prescription. Years of filling prescriptions for both of these ladies, but TODAY they decide they can just phone in their prescription ahead of time.


And this, folks, is exactly WHY I am crazy.

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Anonymous said...

I would have sold her a bunch of bananas and told mom to eat up.