Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boobie Update 2

Relax your Boobies

This is the ComfyBreasts Relaxation System. It's a full body pillow with a hollowed out section to rest your breasts in and relieve pressure on them. Because remember ladies: a comfy tit is a happy tit. Also: a boob in the hand is worth over a dozen in the bush. 

The ComfyBreast pillow is currently a Kickstarter campaign and I read through the info they provided which had little to no scientific data to suggest a pillow with a boob hole is beneficial to a lady's knockers. But the pillow was tested on two different women, who had this to say:

Tester #1: "Thought it was a Dream Pillow - Very Comfy." and Tester #2: Said she could fall asleep easily, and actually almost forgot she had breasts.

"ACTUALLY ALMOST FORGOT SHE HAD BREASTS." Now that's a magical pillow. It's a shame they don't make a guy version because I'd be curious to know what it feels like to fall asleep without a penis. "So...a pillow with a hole to rest your pecker in? That sounds like a cheap love doll." I'm realizing that now.


Anonymous said...

o.O You don't have breasts.

If There was a product, specifically made to coddle or protect your testicles in some fashion, I wouldn't knock it, as I don't particularly have a pair myself. I don't understand what causes discomfort beyond the obvious.

That said, breasts are not.. giant earlobes attached to a woman's chest. they are sensitive. laying on one's stomach can be very uncomfortab;y.. not only because your breasts are being compressed, but because your upper back is being forced upward slightly. The amount of sensitivity varies from person to person. IT depends on the time of the month. And sometimes, it's just random. The statement "I actually almost forgot I had breasts" is not a bad thing. NOt when you spend each night being aware of your breasts. They get squished, they get tugged off to the side and pulled on because you adjusted just slightly. A night of sleeping is punctuated with having to be aware of your breasts when you move, so that they don't end up in the wrong places, pinched, squeezed, or compressed.

This is a really awesome idea. It doens't have to do with health benefits, or anything, it's about comfort. c_c;

Unknown said...

You have to like the way they photoshopped the woman in the many different ways she can "use" the pillow. In a park! Naked in a park? Haha! What happens when you have an intruder? Does ComfyBreasts conform to your breasts and come with you when you run to the closet to hide? Such a hilarious item. And it got its funding! Haha!

Anonymous said...

The photoshopping was pretty hilarious, unknown :)

That said.. In regards to "naked in the park"... I think you need to keep in mine that public indecency and what is socially acceptable varies around the world and person to person. A woman's belly button was considered indecent in the 60's and 70s, after all.

In the current, for example, you can walk around nude in England and Wales without getting arrested, as long as you're not trying to 'shock' people around you. In Canada you can sunbath nude, or even go streaking without a problem. The only rule about what is indecent is the exposure of nipples/genitals for a sexual purpose to anyone under the age of 16.

Many other places in the world are not as nudity-shy as the US is. We find a bare breast to be INCREDIBLY offensive for some reason. Funny thing is, we have many nude beaches, or recreational areas.

Anyway, my point is a lot of people COULD use that thing in a park--or their own back yard, anyway. And if there's an intruder? You'll be worried about way more then the fact that he can see your breasts. :)