Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"My Wife Say I need EXTRA Small"

That's what he said to me.

He is short, little man with a foreign accent, obviously still struggling with "the English." He's very nice and polite and stepped right up to the pharmacy counter and said: 

"My wife say I need 'extra small.'"

"Extra small what?" I replied.

"Extra small condoms. Where are the extra small condoms?"

"We have condoms on aisle five, down on the right. Would you like me to show you?"

"No, it ok. I just have to get 'extra small.' My wife say I need extra small." he says again with no remorse or any hint of regret. Apparently "size" is just an American thing.

He strolls off. I honestly don't know if we carry "extra small" condoms. Since that day I have looked online. The only sizes I see on the Trojan website are All Fits, Regular, Large, and Extra Large. Perhaps the "All Fits" is the equivalent of "Extra Small." I don't know.

And now for some tasteless images associated with this terrible topic:

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