Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pharmacy Remodeling Phun

The remodel team is here again! They're doing some more remodeling and need to take down a wall and then put up a new wall with the door in another spot.

There's three of them. There's the smarter of the group who I call IQ 75. He has two assistants whose combined IQ couldn't be 60 together, so I just refer to them as the 30s. I'm serious here. One of them would probably be proud to tell you his daddy is also his uncle.

Anyway, they've removed the wall. They need to be fast because the time clock is ticking and I'm not staying past closing. So they tear down the wall and start framing a new wall, this time with the door in a different spot, but NO WHERE NEAR where I know the new door is supposed to go. I saw the plans and in the past did some construction work on my own years ago so I know what's going on.

"Uh, guys... this door isn't supposed to go here." I point to the spot where the door is supposed to go. "It's supposed to go here."

"Nut-uh" says one of the IQ 30s. 

IQ 75 says, "Naw, it's supposed to go here."

"No, seriously. I'm not kidding. I saw the plans. The door is supposed to go here. Then I explain why because of the future expansion plans. The only way it will work is for the door to go where I'm telling them it is supposed to go.

"Nut-uh," says the other IQ 30.

They ignore me and go back to work. I call my RPM and explain what's going on to here on the phone. I tell her that the crew is making a huge mistake and it will cause Goofmart money to fix it -- money that could be spent on tech hours.

"These guys are professionals, Crazy." she retorts. "They know what they're doing."

She hangs up. I'm sure wherever she is someone is delinquent with giving Zostavax shots and needs a whipping right now.

An hour later the IQs break for lunch. TWO HOURS later (wouldn't it be nice to get a two hour lunch?) they return and start working again. A little while after that the lead contractor shows up. He starts swearing and pointing and yelling. Within minutes the IQs are tearing down the wall (again) and framing a new one, this time putting the door right where I said it was supposed to go.

Trust your pharmacist. Even with matters of carpentry.


bcmigal said...

Reminds me of one of our remodels. Our city has very strict building codes and seldom gives a variance. I made mention of a doorway that was probably not up to code and the architect told me not to worry. That is why he "made the big bucks." After the remodel was complete, the building inspector came in. I happened to call the pharmacy that day (I was off) to ask how things went. I heard sawing and hammering in the background. So much for Mr Big Bucks.

Anonymous said...

Walgreens: at the corner of dumb and stupid...

Kate Williamson said...

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