Thursday, August 29, 2013

I FIXED IT with iFixit

Ok, so my iPhone 4 is over two years old now. I used to go a full day of texting, tweeting, and talking on the phone for almost 12 hours on one charge. Then the time started dwindling. My use might have increased too. Too much TapFish I guess. All I know is that the last 30 days I was able to get maybe 4-5 hours before needing to recharge.

So I looked for an alternative to getting the battery replaced by my carrier or by Apple. I found a website with videos that made it look so simple... and for $30 I could replace the battery myself.


So I did it. I went to iFixit and placed my order. In a few days I had everything I needed, including the tools, to replace the iPhone battery. Mine was stuck in there pretty good with the adhesive, but I pried it out and installed the new battery. I closed it up and replaced the screws and powered up with a new battery! I can fix things! I made fire!

Unfortunately... I discovered that after I put everything back together I somehow messed up the volume controls on the iPhone. I think in the process of prying out the battery I messed up the connector to the volume buttons. I wasn't a big use of the volume buttons anyway, except it was really handy to use to take a picture when in camera mode.

Oh well. At least I have battery power again and Verizon isn't going to get me for a new iPhone with those insane new adapters. Really guys? After all these years and all the Apple AND 3rd party peripheral devices that require the connector, you go and change it? Really? I mean seriously, that's reason alone NOT to get an iPhone 5. Yeah, I'm pissed off... deal with it. I have so many cables and docks and stuff to plug my iPhone in now and I'M NOT BUYING ALL NEW ONES! And your converter thing is $30? Bogus! It's a $1 connector, and you want $30?

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