Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cool Gadget: Handy Salt Meter

I love to read Chinese or Japanese translated into English. I remember my favorite as a young lad was the warning on fireworks: "Light fuse, get away!"

I posted awhile back on reducing salt intake. That post originally appeared here. So this is a handy device to help you reduce your salt intake:

It can measure the salt concentration of food by simply inserting it into the latter. The numerical value of the salt concentration is indicated by LED which can be understood at a glance!
It has been said that if you ingested salt excessively, you would run the risk of coming down with high blood pressure and lifestyle-related diseases. Moreover, it has been said that the required amount of salt for one day is about 10g.
That is to say, you must not take more than that! Let's always measure the amount of salt! So that you don't take too much. With this "Handy Salt Meter", you'll be able to easily measure the salt concentration of your food! You'll also be able to see the results at a glance, as indicated by LED. 
This is a must-have if your doctor has already told you to be sparing in the intake of salt!

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hildy said...

The translator's English is better than most of the Engineers I work with. Fewer misspellings than my Engineers, too.