Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stinging Advice

A lady stops in me in the aisle on my way to help another lady. She asks, "Where is your Absorbine Jr.?"

"We don't carry that, but I have some menthol-containing products over here," I reply, pointing to the shelf.

"I got a scorpion sting and my chiropractor said I should get some Absorbine Jr., rub it in really well and it will cause the poison to come out."

I look at her for about five seconds, thinking about everything she's just told me. "I'm not sure that will work, but I guess it's worth a try." I've learned not to argue with people once they have something in their head, but I did manage to add one additional comment. "I guess I'm more interested in why a chiropractor is treating bug bites and stings..."

She replies, "I wondered about that too." Then she wandered off, ignoring the shelf I pointed to.

Chiropractors. Now treating bug bites and stings.


Unknown said...

There isn't anything out of the scope of practice for chiropractors. Witchdoctory it is.

Anonymous said...

I hsd a client come into my veterinary practice and wax poetic on how her chiropractor told her the 'proper' way to trim a dog's toenails so that the quick wouldn't grow in as far. Apparently that meant taking the top half of the toenail off. Quackery now available in pets as well.