Thursday, September 26, 2013

Freedom Chair

When I was kid, I had a dirt bike accident and broke my leg. I spent that entire summer confined to a wheelchair, forget the fact that I couldn’t swim because of the cast, and my leg was hot and itchy for the whole 10 weeks, I hated the wheelchair. I could never get anywhere fast enough, my arms hurt, and well, lets face it, there hasn’t been too much wheelchair innovation in a long while. What if I really needed that chair for a long time? What if I needed it forever, and what if I lived in a country that didn’t have all the ramps and sidewalk accessibility that I always took for granted?

Please check out the Leveraged Freedom Chair, being developed here in the United States, this unique and high performance wheelchair is being designed specifically with helping the disabled located in developing countries in mind. The Freedom Chair has variable gears, depending on where your hands grab the removable levers, and it was built to go off-road, the option to use leverage in order to propel the chair instead of only being able to turn the wheels with your hands, gives you a lot more torque with less effort, enabling you to conquer hills, rocks and more rugged terrain.

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Ms. Donna said...

I know that it is designed for other countries, but I have wheelchair using friends who would love this right here is the US of A.

Good work!