Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If ONE is good, TWO must be BETTER!

Mr. and Mrs. Simmons are at the pick-up window. He's on foot. She's sitting in of our electric shopping carts. She's rather obese with a round moon face. I have no doubt she really can't get around the store without this cart.

Mr. Simmons informs me that his wife needs a refill on her Prednisone 1mg tablets. He says something about it being early but that she "spilt" some down the drain.

I look on the computer. I send off the refill for authorization. She's two days early on her refill for Medicare to pay for it. It's not expensive for a cash pay, but I've been becoming increasingly concerned over her Prednisone usage. She has prescriptions for 1mg, 5mg, and 10mg. I've talked to her at length about the issues and even more issues associated with taking too much of this medication several times. Her reply is that the doctor tells her to take more. When I suggest that we need new prescriptions for the increased dosage, somehow those prescriptions never make it to Goofmart Pharmacy.

"Mrs. Simmons, you're out of the medication?"

"Yes, I'm all out. I took the last one yesterday." The part about some going down the drain never comes up.

"You remember our discussing that this medicine isn't candy?"

"I know, but the doctor tells me to take more!"  Of course I'm wondering if that's true, why can't we ever get a new prescription for a larger amount? I'm thinking it's more like they taught me in pharmacy school. People consistently think: If one is good, two must be better.

"I'll give you four tablets. That will get you through until it will go through on insurance."

"Oh, can't you give me eight tablets then? You know, just in case I can't make it back in two days?"

I give her only four tablets. Two days later there she is for her refill. I seriously doubt this refill will last thirty days. Because... you know...

If one is good, two must be better!

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