Friday, November 1, 2013

NO ONE wants to see THAT

One of the hardest parts of being a pharmacist is that we're the one who gets hit with all manner of questions from people seeking advice about anything medical and non-medical.

Yesterday, for example, I was asked questions pertaining to the following topics:

* Medical 

* Dental
* Ear, Nose, Throat, and Booger color
* Herbs, Natural Medicine, and Voodoo
(Ok, ok... it wasn't really Voodoo, but that's how I feel about Homeopathy)
* Natural Bug Repellant
* Arthritis
* Soap
* The location of the milk in the grocery
* Wart removal
* Ear Plugs

But the worst yesterday was the older lady wearing an outfit with her breasts almost hanging out entirely. She had a reason... for what you didn't see but is permanently burned into my brain was the sight of her HUGE CLEAVAGE BLISTERS.

I am forever changed. She asked my advice about what she could do for the blisters on her chest. I immediately recommended she see a medical doctor BUT she insisted I take a look. 

So there she goes, almost yanking both 44Ds right out into the open. And right there in her cleavage was the most petrifying selection of blisters up and down her cleavage.

The picture I've chosen doesn't quite give you the feel for what I'm talking about about. She was COVERED with blisters that looked sore and painful.

So whatever your job is, if you didn't have to examine huge cleavage blisters yesterday, be thankful. Be very thankful!


Officer Cynical said...

The problem is if you don't take care of it, she'll be calling me next. Cuz people call the cops for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Anonymous said...

She should probably change detergents. Changing pharmacies might be a good idea, too. At least, until she gets better.

Anonymous said...

Omg that which has been seen cannot be unseen!

At least you made it funny by including "Voodoo...that's how I feel about homeopathy"!!!!

pharmaciststeve said...

When someone hits me with it is not a drug.. it is all natural.. I just remind them that MJ, Morphine, Cocaine, Crack is also ALL NATURAL.. Usually I get a response like deer in the headlights !

Abigail Cashelle said...

Occasionally that stuff works.... But why would you ask a pharmacist about it? That's like asking someone from France about something that's only made in Arkansas.

And, GROSS. I would have called security. Or 911. Or made the tech take it.

I do not envy you at all.


SkaringRN said...

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