Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mrs. Touchy-Feely

"Do you have any of those amber medicine bottles with a dropper?"

We keep some on hand, so I get one out of our compounding area. I don't know much they cost or how much we're supposed to sell them for, so $3.99 sounds reasonable.

"That will be $3.99 plus tax," I tell her.

"Is the dropper plastic or glass?"

"I'm sure it is plastic. The bottle is glass," I reply.

She takes it out of my hand and before I can stop her, she opens it and paws the dropper part which is clearly plastic and didn't really need to be touched to determine it was plastic. She squeezes the dropper and rubs it up and down with her finger tips.

"I can't use it then. I need one that has a glass dropper."

She hands it back to me and I drop it in the trash. She looks down at the garbage and then back at me. "Why did you throw it away?"

"We can't use it now. It's no longer sterile. You touched it."

"Well, can I have it then?" she asked.

I reach down into the garbage, get it, and hand it to her.

"Thanks!" She walks off.

This job is just a never-ending supply for blog posts.

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was1 said...

I would have said, "sure, that will be $3.99."