Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Authorities Run Out of Ideas

A recent memo from corporate states:

"We encourage our pharmacists to come up with new and exciting ways to drive future business with Goofmart Pharmacy. Your suggestions will be reviewed for merit and implemented if plausible. We look forward to hearing from you!"

So let me get this right... you're a large corporation with hundreds of stores nationwide, numerous bean counters, managers, sub-managers, a complete advertising department, all on the company dole, but YOU need US to tell you how to "drive" more business into the pharmacy?


What a load of buffoons.

Ok, how about I sit down and draft up some ideas and carefully type them up and submit them for your review?

OH WAIT, I already did that about six years ago. The RPM came by to discuss my proposals (in about 10 minutes). With half of them I was told "Goofmart just isn't going to do that" and the other half, "Our new software upgrade will address that."

The software upgrade never happened. The other ideas never went past the RPM.

Yeah, you bet I'm going to waste time doing that again.


Anonymous said...

Resubmit the same draft :)

Anonymous said...

If you actually "do" submit an idea they like, it will be"your" project to implement it(along with all the other BS they make you do each day). No, Thanks!

Pharmaciststeve said...

Of course you have to do this on your own time.. but.. since you work for them.. they "own" anything that you come up with.. might now even get a "thank you" for putting the effort forth. Are they admitting that they have ran out of ideas from all their internal- high priced - brain trust and maybe those on the front lines.. that deal with the day to day problems.. might have a better way ? My money - and experience working for big chains - anything you submit is automatically turned down.. to turn up 6-12 months later as their bright idea ...

Anonymous said...

That's easy. Require all Pharmacy personnel to come to work when they are sick with contagious diseases (like colds, flu, etc), & be sure to spread your germs all over the patients' Rx bottles, bags, etc. Be sure you are sneezing & blowing your nose a lot. But wait...isn't this what already happens? What a genius idea!