Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Shawshank Redemption

Recently I needed to go into my 13 year old son's room. I don't go in there very often, for obvious reasons... he's a typical 13 year old.

There on the wall, above his bed, was a hole. 

That hole wasn't there before. But it's there now. Why it was created is a mystery, and no one is talking. Since no one is talking, I decided to go ahead and cover it up until I have a chance to fix it myself. Yeah, the Crazy RxMan knows how to do stuff like that.

So here's my temporary fix:

My 18 year old son, upon seeing this, exclaimed, "That's why I love being in this family!" 

As for "Fuzzy Britches," she's not talking either.

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Anonymous said...

Your son isn't doing your taxes and laundering money, is he?