Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time is Relative

Einstein was correct. Time is relative to the observer.

Yesterday Stevie Wishnicks was back again, this time for her husband. She hands me two prescriptions and says, "So... five to ten minutes?"

"I'm working on a couple ahead of you. Give me fifteen minutes," I reply.

"That's great. I can count time," was her odd reply.

I get to work finishing up the people ahead of her. I'm working fast because I know she can't "count time" worth a darn. I figure I have eight minutes before she returns.

Nope. She was back in five minutes. Five minutes isn't fifteen minutes. I honestly think some people live in another dimension or are affected in some way which prevents them from correctly assessing the passage of time.

I did some calculations and crunched some numbers. Below are my notes and research, followed with my results of this investigation:

My conclusion is that Stevie Wishnicks is harboring a singularity (black hole) within her mass, or she's just simply a pushy bitch.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have gone into engineering LOL

Anonymous said...

Once, we were closing the drop off gate a few minutes early. A lady runs up to the counter shouting, "I have three minutes." My tech says, "Oh, now you can tell time."

Anonymous said...

Maybe she a patient studied by David Eagleman? He has some interesting theories regarding time perception....not that it is an excuse or anything....

Anonymous said...

I'm going with "pushy bitch"