Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flu Shot Observations

People will see me, the pharmacist, alone in the pharmacy, running around like a crazy man with people in line at both the drop off and pick up windows, yet will still ask, "Is now a good time to get a flu shot?"

People either WANT to watch me give them the shot with an unusually weird enjoyment, or turn their head and/or cover their eyes trying to pretend it is not happening. There doesn't seem to be a third type.

Grandparents, at the request of the new parents, run down to the pharmacy to get a flu shot so they can be allowed to hold the new baby. The 10-14 days to "kick in" is not a message that anyone seems to get.

Just by the way I phrase how I say it, I can usually get the flu shot patron to agree to get the shot in their left arm (which is easier for me because of how I have the room set up). It is mind control extraordinaire.

Most (almost all) people that are aware of our discount coupon for getting a flu shot act like they only get a flu shot so they can get the coupon.

Most (almost all) people who are getting a flu shot as a healthy measure are unaware they will get a coupon (despite all the signage and advertising).

At least three people come in toward the end of the year (every year) and claim they lost their coupon for getting a flu shot and expect me to just hand them another one.

Almost 33% of our flu shot patrons do not get any prescriptions at our pharmacy but admit to getting prescriptions somewhere else on a regular basis. Why they choose to come to our pharmacy is a mystery to me.

Many of our regulars wait until they have paid for a new prescription then belt out, "Oh, can I get a flu shot now?"

I purposefully do not promote FluMist simply because the drug rep for the product was such an annoying ass last year. That's what you get, butthead.

When I give a flu shot to a little old lady with old weathered skin, the skin "pops" like poking through rice paper when I puncture it. Ewwww.

No matter how many times you tell the flu shot patron that they only need to answer questions 1-8 on the consent and release form, almost half will still answer all the questions.

People who are reluctant to get a flu shot often tell me they know for a fact that the flu shot gave them the flu before. No manner of explaining seems to change their mind.

Way too many parents do not force their kids to get a flu shot because the child is scared of needles. Instead they get a flu shot and have the child watch to see how easy and painless it is. This never seems to work.

Hitting the bone with the tip of the needle in a skinny arm is freaky. Freaky, I tell you.

Some 10 year old girls are a lot braver than 15 year old boys. I had one 15 year old boy cry. I'm still stunned.

No matter how many times our script count goes up during this time of year, The Authorities never seem to get it that they need to hire more technicians to cover this time period.

I can never get a glove to fit right. It's very annoying and I look stupid every time.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you need a smaller size of glove.

Unknown said...

The 10 year old girls vs 15 year old boys in the honest truth. I haven't figured it out yet either. It boggles my mind.