Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Busy Geckos

An elderly couple we had come to know as good patients and good friends stopped by the pharmacy on their way out of town. They had been here in the area serving an LDS Mission for the past couple of years and their time had come to an end.

We said our goodbyes and wished them well. They weren't in their regular mission clothing but rather were in street clothes. Sister Oldman was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Elder Oldman was in a Polo shirt. We were their first stop in a long list of goodbyes then they were off to the airport.

As I leaned in to give Sister Oldman a hug, I noticed the T-shirt she was wearing was rather peculiar. I didn't really pay attention before, but now it was very clear to me. I've looked online to see if I could find the exact T-shirt to share with you today, but this is the closest I could find:

As you can tell, the uh... geckos, are... uh, ahem, a little busy in their own way. So as you can imagine, I had to inform Sister Oldman that she couldn't wear this shirt for fear she might embarrass herself.

"Uh, Sister Oldman, maybe you should change your clothes before going to your next stop?"

"Why would I do that?" she asked.

"Well, uh, because of the geckos..."

"Oh, aren't they just adorable? I love these geckos."

"Yes, they are cute," I said. Cleverly, I added, "The geckos are also loving each other."

She looked at them again, this time seeing them "busy" for the first time.

"Honey, we have to stop by the apartment one last time!"

And they zoomed off!

Goodbye, Oldmans!

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