Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fun Things I've Overheard at the Pharmacy

Yes, I am a super hero. Along with that I have super powers. One of them is super hearing. Here are some of the gems I've heard people say over the years, thinking I couldn't hear them:

<said to the tech> "Is that the man giving me the flu shot? He looks so mean."

<to a friend> "I don't know why this should take any longer than five minutes. All he has to do is put 30 tablets in a bottle."

<on cell phone> "I'm down here at Goofmart pharmacy. The retards are filling my prescription now."

<talking out loud> "I don't know why they just can't look up my insurance on the computer. They're so lazy."

<said to the tech> "Where's the other pharmacist? I don't like this guy. He follows the rules and I need an early refill."

<on cell phone> "They all look like they've all been sampling the Vicodin down here. All pharmacists are hooked, you know."

<on cell phone> "We agreed on $10 per tablet and I'm not taking any less. When you make a deal, you stay with that deal or I'm not going to supply you any more!"

<to a friend> "He's wearing Halston Z-14."

(she was right)

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