Wednesday, October 15, 2014

YOU are the REASON...

Tall Tech Tom steps up the pick up window to help a patron. Tom gets his prescription from will call, and as customary, verifies name, date of birth, address, medication being picked up, patient blood type, number of kids, and on and on. You know, we have to be careful. Goofmart wants to make sure we're selling the right medication to the right patient and if something goes wrong, they sure as hell don't want to be blamed for it.

Tom gets the man's club card information, processes the payment, and gets the medication in a bag and staples it all up tidy and nice for the patient to take on home...

Except the patient has a parting comment.

<Pointing at Tall Tech Tom>

"You're the REASON I had to come back, just so you know!" he says, angrily, and stomps off.

Neither Tom nor I have any clue what the man was referring to... not an idea in the world.

Just another day in retail pharmacy.

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