Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Miniature Christmas Story

Hello. My name is ManWolfCombo. That's not really my name, but my old man says I shouldn't use my real name on the internet. My old man is taking the day off for his birthday so I'm writing today's blog post for him. Please join me as I write about a birthday gift from his sister.

It came in this box. My old man wondered if it was Italian because it appears Fra-Gee-Lay, but I told him it just might be fragile. It looks like A Christmas Story Leg Lamp to me:

When he opened the top, it looked like there could be anything in there! Maybe it's the deed to a bowling alley, for all we know.

My old man kept pulling out stuffing and my brother thought maybe they forgot to put something in there, but finally it was revealed:

And there it was. The leg lamp. My old man said THIS is art, like a statue, and immediately pronounced it "indescribably beautiful."

I suppose he'll want to treat it like a "major award" and put it in the window...

But I don't think the neighbor kid will like it too much. After all, he has yellow eyes. So help me, yellow eyes!

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Anonymous said...

You wrote this not your well endowed son