Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life's Magic Override

We're trying to get insurance to pay for a medication for a patient. It's not on the formulary of the patient, so it rejects the claim.

We explain this to the patient.

She asked us, in all sincerity: "Well can't you put on the computer that I want it really, really bad?"

Can you imagine how much easier things would go in the world with this magic override?

Car Dealer: "I'm sorry, you can't finance this car. Your credit score is too low."

Me: "But I want it really, really bad."

Car Dealer: "Ok."


Maître d': "I'm sorry, there are no tables available right now."

Me: "But I want it really, really bad."

Maître d': "Ok."


Movie Theatre: "I'm sorry, that movie isn't showing right now."

Me: "But I want it really, really bad."

Movie Theatre: "Ok."


So next time you want something out there in the world and you get denied, just remember the magic override:

"But I want it really, really bad."


Knot Telling said...

This actually worked for me once - with a bank loan, no less! (Admittedly it was in easier times than today.) I needed a loan to start a small, home-based business and the bank was willing to approve x. I told the loan officer, "But I need 2x" in a firm, quiet voice. (I was practicing being assertive.) He gave me a long look and said, "Okay".

I felt like a Jedi.

Anonymous said...

In reality, there there is a "magic override" in the world of is called "cash". If you want it that bad, put down the pack of smokes and PAY FOR IT.