Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Next to the Unicorns

Some things don't exist.

But that doesn't stop people from asking for them. We get people that ask for things that do not exist. But don't try to tell them that. If you do, they get mad. No, the easiest thing to do is to send them to your competitor. Here's some things I've been asked for over the years:

Unscented Vicks Vapor Rub
Non-drowsy Benedryl
"Crackenspoil" cough drops (See this LINK)
Motrin (Without the Ibuprofen in it. See this LINK)
OTC antibiotics for the eye
OTC Crestor
OTC Viagra (we get this ALL the time)
Pseudoephedrine with the "sleepy stuff" in it
Banesin (See this LINK)
Tylenol without acetaminophen in it

So what do you do when someone comes in asking for something that's not OTC or doesn't really exist?

"I'm sorry. I don't see that we carry that. Maybe you should go to..."

They're on their way to you right now, Wagmart. Take good care of them...


Unknown said...

Just today I has somebody ask me to refill their "levothyrozapam" and then asked where the anus oil was.

Bill Carson said...

In Canada, Polysporin Opthalmic Solution is OTC, so we do have Canadians asking for it when they visit Michigan. Also in Canada there is a product, Gravol, which contains dimenhydrinate and is marketed for nausea and vomiting there. When I tell them that Drammamine is the same thing, they never believe me, perhaps because the label says for motion sickness. The power of marketing!

Anonymous said...

I transcribe for providers who prescribe oxycarbamazepine all the time.

DarkhalfX13, CPhT said...

HEY!! I work at Wagmart!! Not cool, Crazy RxMan. Not cool.