Monday, January 25, 2016

End of Year Pleasantries

There's nothing like the end of year rush to get prescriptions filled BEFORE the insurance runs out... to the point of anger and threats.

Awhile back I blogged about Stevie Wishnicks and her lack of ability to assess the passage of time. Her antics have caused me to do extensive calculations and sing in the pharmacy. You can read about her HERE and HERE.

At the end of December, her husband came in on Thursday, New Year's Eve, to DEMAND that we fill his prescription IMMEDIATELY.

Stevie Wishnicks had been in earlier in the day inquiring about her husband's prescription. Nothing was on the shelf, so Flynn sent her on her way. There was no incident, no unusual activity, no upset, no foul.

But then her husband came by later, angry, pointing fingers, using threatening gestures, demanding that we fill his brand Dilantin NOW. He accused Flynn of intentionally not filling his prescription... for what reason we still don't know. He said he asked us to fill his prescription on the last day of the year way back in November. Nobody in the pharmacy remembers him making such a request.

Flynn didn't back down, explaining to him that we fill prescriptions WHEN WE'RE ASKED and that no one recalled him asking. The guy was still furious, snatched the prescription out of my hand after I filled it, and proclaimed that he would never be back.

I hope he means it.

What it amounts to is that he pays so much for his wife to have brand Percocet most of the year that later in the year when his co-pays drop he wants to get as many fills as he cans before things reset at the beginning of the year. That's reasonable and we accommodate when and where we can. However, getting upset, swearing, pointing fingers, and threatening people is intolerable.

People sure have an odd way of treating others.


Anonymous said...

Yes because being rude, condescending, and pissing people off always makes them want to go the extra mile for you. Apparently he's never heard the adage "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar".

Unknown said...

I blame Obama.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's against the law to spit in his refill?