Monday, March 14, 2016

Count them the night before I leave, Sonny.

She wanted her medications counted out on Saturday before closing so she could come in Sunday right at opening and pick them up without waiting very long.


On her way to Las Vegas. Tut tut, can't be late.

By the way, the patient lives in a $600,000 home in Snootyville and somehow qualifies to be on Medicaid.

I'm sure glad the taxpayers can pay for her medications so she has the money to support her $5k house payment and trips to Las Vegas.

People... wake up. Seriously, wake up.


Anonymous said...

Kind of like the disgusting excuse for a human being that drove up to my drivethru in a brand new BMW 7 series all decked out in ridiculous clothing and jewelry and waiving her copays on her Medicaid prescriptions.

Seriously, can't make this $h!t up even if I tried.

Bored Lawyer said...

Just a quick note on Medicaid. I used to think it was for the poor only. However, if you qualify for disability for two years, you automatically get Medicaid. To remain qualified for disability, you have to keep your income under a certain amount. However, there is no asset based test. You could be rich and have accumulated a ton of wealth prior to becoming disabled. You still get Medicaid. You could have a rich spouse and still get Medicaid (for disability). It is based on current ability to work and current income, not assets or past income.