Thursday, March 17, 2016

Where's the Tums?

I'm getting older and I admit I have hearing loss. But this guy definitely said, "Where's the Tums?"

So I tell him they're behind where he's standing on the aisle on the left. He heads that way and I go back to my business of saving lives one person at a time. A few minutes later I look up and see him headed over to where my technician is standing.

She takes him out on the floor and down another aisle. I figure he asked her where something else is located. We get that a lot. People are completely helpless and can't find anything on their own. They probably lost every game of Hide and Seek as a child. It's sad when you think about it.

So the tech wanders back in and I asked, "What was he looking for this time?"

Tech: "Condoms. He said you sent him down the wrong aisle."

Me: "He asked for TUMS."

Tech: "I know. I heard him when he asked you."

ConDOMS... Tums... might sound alike, a little I guess, but both me and the 25 year old technician heard him say TUMS the first time.

Oh well. One thing I know for sure: Tums will not prevent pregnancy of the spread of STDs.

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