Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ok, You Decide

A lady drops off a new prescription. We haven't filled anything for her for eight years. She's been going to the Flea Circus Drugs across the street (which has a minimum wait time of one hour). 

Today she's interested in getting a prescription at our location, not for a chance to mingle with the incredibly handsome Crazy RxMan... no, she's here for the $25 gift card for a new prescription.

I type it all in, adjudicate, and tell her that her co-pay is zero. Oddly, she asks me what the co-pay will be for cash. I tell her again, on her insurance there is no charge to her, and again she wants to know the cash price. I tell her $12.39 or something. I don't remember. She asks, "Isn't it $4? The nurse said it would be $4."

I tell her, one more time, that it is ZERO on her insurance and that we don't do $4 prescriptions anymore.

"How long will it be?" she asks.

"Twenty minutes," I tell her. The tech is about to leave for the day and people are pooling out there in the periphery.

"TWENTY MINUTES?" she asks, startled?

"Or 30 minutes. You decide," I respond, straight-faced.

She looks at me for at least 30 seconds, trying to figure out what I've said.

"Ok, I'll be back in 20 minutes."


Anonymous said...

We need more of this. Not just in pharmacy, everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Probably the same idiot that, despite the multiple times we've told them, completely disregard the worst times to go to a pharmacy. i.e. - Monday at 5pm

It's like me going to a supermarket on a Saturday at 1pm and complaining about how busy they are and bitching to a manager about it. Or strolling into a bank 10 minutes before they close and whining about why they refuse to give me money for a paycheck that direct deposits the next day. "But I NEED it! You always do this to me!"