Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Things I want to know

Here's a random list of things
I want to know:

Why are some drugs so similar in name that they could easily be mistaken for one another while the FDA won't approve the names of others for the same reason?

What's the maximum number of bluetooth devices I can hook up to my iPhone simultaneously?

Why don't I go trout fishing more often?

Why do people come to the pharmacy five minutes after they left the doctor office, wait in line, watch us racing around while they stand in line, and then ask if their prescription is ready?

Why do cats bite when you're just trying to be nice?

Why do people think it's ok to interrupt the pharmacist while he or she is obviously counting medication?

Why does the <TAB> key stick on almost every keyboard I use?

What kind of drug rep comes to the pharmacy right when we open?

Does anyone really get cough relief from Tessalon perles?

Why do people hate Nickelback so much?

Why do people wait until they're completely out of their medication before they ask for a refill?

Do children really think they're fooling anyone when they're only nice because they need money?

Why is "okay" the preferred spelling for "ok" ???

Why can't people call in their medications for refill on Sunday when it is slow instead of waiting until Monday when it is crazy busy?

Why do they call it a hamburger if it is made from beef?

When eBay bought PayPal, why didn't they change the name to ePay or easyPay?

What does BB-7 look like? How about BB-1 through BB-6, for that matter?

Why do people ask for your recommendation, answer your questions about their condition, listen to your recommendation, then take something else?

Why didn't my parents have me take piano lessons?

Will people ever get along with each other in the world?


Anonymous said...

I can answer a couple of these.

On cats - they bite as a sign of affection, plus they are evil demons bent on world domination, so biting.

Tessalon perles - BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I think they're actually just placebo.

People hating people - well, up till now there's no evidence that's going to change so I predict a continuation of this trend.

Stark Radio said...

BEcause... Nickleback suck.... kind of answers all your questions, really.

Anonymous said...

OK is actually short for oll korrect, from an era where bad spelling was the in thing to do. It's since been shortened to O.K., OK, ok, and finally spelled phonetically as okay. All of which are oll korrect to use. ;)

Anonymous said...

The reason cats bite when being pet is not well understood. It's called petting induced aggression, and it has about three possible reasons. It's not the "cats bite when pet because they love you", and that doesn't really make sense. It could be because the cats are trying to control the situation, so it could be a form of status induced aggression. It could be that the cats get over stimulated from being pet for a certain length of time, or for some reason they get a negative stimulus from it. And lastly it could be because their own behavior changes but it changes in such a subtle way that people generally miss the sign until it's so late. They could be saying "I'm unhappy with this" and we're saying "aww cute kitty" until they are "I can't hack this anymore!" CHOMP. But yeah, it's not because they love you.

OK, now for OK! I won't get into how OK came to be, but OK written that way preceded okay by a long time, at least 100 years. People may have started to write okay because it looked more like a word than the abbreviation it was. Either way is considered correct, but OK was the original way. Okay is useful for writing "He okayed the deal." and "They were busy okaying it." and "She is the one who okays these requests." To utterly overwhelm you there's a book written about the word (link below) but here's a blog post that you'd probably be happier reading as to the most accepted explanation of OK etymology https://stancarey.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/oke-is-ok/


And now you can cross off two of those questions, answered by someone who had similar questions and found answers for them!

Anonymous said...

And about hamburger it's because it originate from Hamburg in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Newer technology can support 7 bluetooth devices simultaneously (12 can be paired). Older technology appears to just be one at a time.

Maybe your parents didn't know you wanted piano lessons? I recently purchased eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method on Amazon. It's affordable software (or is it called an app now?) that I immediately downloaded to my laptop for decent introductory piano lessons without having to leave the house. I can just set my laptop on top of the piano, or plug it into my electric piano to get feedback on what I'm doing right/wrong. I figure by the time I finish all the lessons in this program, I'll know whether or not I want/need to find a 3D teacher.

I try to avoid the pharmacy on Mondays, and wait until Tues or Wed. If it would be better, I can switch to calling on Sunday and picking up on Tuesday.

bobbie said...

T.P. are the only thing work for me when I bronchitis or PNA!