Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Imagine...

Somewhere, out there, at some crazy busy pharmacy there's going to be a pharmacist or technician that counts this desiccant like a tablet.

And somewhere, out there, there's a patient that's going to open up his or her bottle and see that it doesn't look like the product. Then he or she is going to call up the pharmacy and complain that a mistake has been made, when there really has been no mistake. Then they'll argue about that.

I'll go ahead and activate the gift card now.


Kassy said...

Seems like there was a mistake.
A non-pill was counted as a pill which shorts the patient one pill.
And if the patient did somehow ingest the desiccant, that would also be bad.
Worthy of a gift card? IMHO, no.

Liz Harris said...

Excedrin bottles leave 1 lone tablet in an even-numbered-count bottle. No, I didn't swallow the desiccant to make up for it.