Thursday, December 22, 2016

Price Isn't Everything

"How much is a flu shot?" she asked.

"$30," I replied.

"Oh, I was just asking because I know they're $15 at [Warehouse Superstore]."

"I'm sure they are. Of course, after the twenty minute drive to get there, circling ten minutes to find a spot to park, then another ten minutes just trying to weave your way to the back to the pharmacy, only to be told the wait time is going to be twenty to thirty minutes BEFORE they can even get to you to give you the shot, I think it is worth $15 more to not go through that hassle."

<bewildered look, not comprehending at all what I just said> 

The lady walks off.

Good luck at [Warehouse Superstore] I thought.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if you have to go to Warehouse Superstore anyway, it's worth it. Perhaps she was heading there to pick up her yearly supply of toilet paper that afternoon, anyway. Or to eat all the yummy free samples. Seriously, you can get a full meal at Warehouse Superstore, especially this time of year!

I get a flu shot every year and I have never paid anything for them. My insurance company always pays. However, I cannot go to Warehouse Superstore or even the pharmacy counter - I have to go to my doctor, an urgent care or even the Minute Clinic at CVS. Insurance refuses to pay at the pharmacy counter.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I have patients who would go through all that for a 50 cent saving. Can't fix some things.