Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Why Pharmacists LOVE Great Technicians

Guy comes in with several prescriptions. Tim the bad Tech tells him 20 min. We're swamped. My counter is covered with prescriptions to fill. We have several waiters. Tim should have said an hour.

Tick tock

Five minutes passes before Tim gets around to processing the first one. I walk over to the IN window.

"Shall I finish what you haven't typed in yet?" I have other stuff I'm working on but since Tim told him 20 minutes the priorities have changed.

"No, I got it," Tim replies. Tim is really slow, but he doesn't want to admit it to himself.

Tick tock

"Ok, check this guy's profile. I remember he pays for the Oxy IR with one billing and the OxyContin with the other, but I don't remember which is which. Check the history."

"Ok, I will."

Tick tock

It's been about ten minutes now and I see the guy go into the waiting room. Tim finally prints the label for the second Rx but he still has one more to go.

Tick tock

A lady comes to the register. Tim goes to help her and gets trapped there with her billing issue. I hate Good Rx cards. They rarely work right. Do you hear me, Good Rx? EVERYONE hates you. Go to hell.

I'm still busting my hump on other issues, but decided I better go finish the guy's scripts. I get the last one processed and then fill all three of them quickly. It's been about 15 minutes now and since people have NO CLUE what 20 minutes means, the guy is now standing out there joining a line that has formed at the register because of Tim.

I quickly fill the guy's scripts then go have Tim move away from the register to another computer while I get the line moving again. The guy gets to the register and then I see it. Boom. Wrong billing. Tim didn't listen to me at all. I have to rebill both prescriptions to their correct billing.

And this is why pharmacists really appreciate great techs. They listen, work fast, and are proactive. And they sure stand out when you have a bad tech like Tim.


Anonymous said...

Yep, a good tech makes our lives so much easier. We have a floater tech (henceforth known as the Killer Tech) who works one or two days a week at my store. When KT is there everything is done correctly the first time. She fires through the order while entering and filling prescriptions with ease. Somehow, miraculously the third party rejects seem to disappear when she is around. Everything runs so smoothly when she is there, so logically my other techs hate her, Arghhh!

Anonymous said...

A good tech will save your a$$ even if you're at a nightmare of a store.

A crap tech will make your life miserable regardless of where you are but for some reason 10x worse if you're in a rich, white neighborhood. You know what I'm talking about. When the soccer mom with her bob cut, Trump-inspired, gaudy gold jewelry, poorly executed plastic surgery, and brand-name everything draped all over her repulsive gold-digging body strolls up to the counter and starts tapping her manicured nails?

Regardless of the day you are having, if the crap tech says the wrong thing to that kardashian wannabe? Yep, 100% your fault.

Anonymous said...

Love the comment at Anon 12:44. Worked a few times in RW hoods. That's where you find REAL entitlement folks, because those think themselves entitled to make crazy demands.