Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Stupid People, Everywhere

"It looks like your insurance rejected this claim and sent back this 800 number to call. Maybe they want you to do mail order, or you need to call and opt out to continue getting your prescriptions via retail," I say.

The lady nods her head on every word I just said. I hand her the screen shot from the claim rejection and show her the 800 number.

"So we ran this prescription on a discount card. You can pay for it now and we can get you a refund later once you get it all straightened out, or we can just hold it here on the shelf."

She nods again. "I'll get it now."

"Ok, that will be $27.34 on our discount card."

Here's where it gets fun

"What? It's always FREE. It's ALWAYS free when the other guy does it!"

I sigh. She didn't listen to a damn thing I just said. Not one single word. It's so annoying when you carefully explain a situation to someone, they nod their head in agreement, and then show you and the rest of the world they didn't listen to a single word.

"Look at my history. When Mickey does it then it is always free!"

I try again, this time speakly slowly, to tell her what's going on. It wasn't my delivery the first time. She clearly wasn't listening to me and the second time the light bulb lit up. But I have to admit to you that it really annoys me when people think I'm trying to screw them over and they try to compare me with the other guy that works here. It starts from a false assumption, a judgement is made from that incorrect assumption, followed by some sort of accusation. It usually starts from complete ignorance or a misunderstanding and builds from there. In this case it stemmed from not listening at all.

This is the kind of thing that has killed the spirits of pharmacists everywhere. 

We're a sorry lot.


Anonymous said...

The worst is the combination of stupid (especially the ones that go out of their way to point out just how ignorant they are as if it is a good thing), rude, emotionally stunted and entitled.

'Murica, the land of the sensitive little snowflake that can do no wrong because they 'can't help it.'

And these customers wonder why everyone in retail (not just pharmacy mind you) fantasizes about throat punching every other person that steps up to the counter.

Anonymous said...

The struggle is real.

Anonymous said...

Just tell her to come back when Mickey works. He can tell her the same thing