Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Demotivational Script Day... Before Breakfast


Judith Jones-Kirby said...

Patient must have NotEnoughTimeInTheDay Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

A hobbit?

Anonymous said...

that was a good one

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of a prescriber blazing through their prescriptions at the end of their day with the little voice in their head telling them, "screw it, even if you make a mistake, the pharmacist will fix it. you're gonna miss your tee time / mani pedi / massage / whatever the hell rich folks do after 3pm"


Never mind that their tweaker patient is now standing at the counter having a full emotional meltdown because now their precious Adderall Rx was all fouled up by their doctor.

I don't know, go smoke some meth like you usually do?

Ugh, whatever

May I help who's next?