Monday, April 24, 2017

The Far Right

"Where is your Tylenol for babies?" she asked.

"It's behind you on aisle six, on the far right."

She heads over to aisle six and begins to look on the left side. 

"On the right... way at the end on the far right."

I go back to filling prescriptions. People are loving this texting thing now but seem to think it's instantaneous. Type "F" to FILL and hit <SEND> means it pops out on our end ready to pick up. And I have a whole batch this morning that were texted to Goofmart. They'll all be here soon, even though the system tells them it will text them WHEN it's ready to pick up.

I look up. The lady is here again, with this look:

"I looked everywhere. I can't find it."

I go out to aisle six. Sure enough, the Infant Tylenol is right where I said it would be. I hand her a box.

She points to the children's Tylenol on the shelf in the middle of aisle six.

"I thought it should be here," she says.

I can't resist. "That's not the far right."

"I should have listened to you," she says, and walking off.


rclark said...

If she is shopping for Tylenol for babies, she's probably sleep deprived and punchy. Perhaps she'll do better when she's awake. :)

Anonymous said...

At least she admitted you were right?