Monday, April 3, 2017


We have an "urgent care" place close by and get lots of business from them. And while I appreciate the business, I'm getting more and more concerned with their scripts.

If this was an isolated incident, I'd be forgiving. Two or three times... sure, people make mistakes. 

But no, I've been keeping a tally. We're getting close to one out of every three prescriptions having something misspelled, either the name of the patient or the drug, or the wrong birthdate for the patient. And a good share of these prescriptions have incorrect instructions for the medication. And of course, nearly every controlled substance lacks the proper information to satisfy the criteria in our state.

This doesn't fill me with a whole lot of confidence in this urgent care facility. Considering they make most of their patients wait 90 minutes just to be seen, you'd think they'd have time to double check everything.

I hope it's better in your neighborhood.

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daydreamingmama said...

There's a urgent care about barely 5 mins away and CVS and Kroger gets a lot of their business. Anyways Ive never been there 90 mins. When I go in, it's usually by myself or rarely 2-3 people would be ahead of me, and also rarely 2-3 would be behind me. I'm almost always outta there within 15-20 mins. If other people there then usually 30-40 which is ok sine I understand that people get sick or hurt. 'Cause I've gotten both and needed their help.