Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Levaquin Lady and Steroids

Levaquin Lady rolls up in a motorized cart to pick up more Levaquin. You've probably read about her from other blog posts of mine. Today she was back for more.

Her physician also called in some Pulmicort for her. Apparently this was news to her as she had no idea it was here waiting for her. (It is amazing how often this happens with a lot of patients). Levaquin Lady, along with many of her many ailments, does suffer from asthma. I'm sure the physician thought this would be a good option for her. I'm sure he also discussed it with her but she forgot the conversation.

Levaquin Lady also happens to be here on April 1st. She sees my bowl of blue M&Ms and starts helping herself by the handful, chowing them down... munching away. It's ok. I put them out for people to enjoy and have a laugh.

As she's crunching away on the candy-coated chocolatey goodness of M&Ms, she asks me if Pulmicort is a steroid, because, as she said... with a mouthful of M&Ms, "Steroids will make me put on weight!"

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Anonymous said...


Betcha that disgusting waste of oxygen has full welfare benefits and a handicap permit swinging from her rearview mirror too.

*throws up a little in my mouth*

May I help who's next?