Monday, July 31, 2017

Being able to Walk Away... Priceless!

Today I drove to my own Goofmart Grocery to get some groceries. I don't do that often because I get recognized and people want to talk. 

One of our pain in the ass patients is in the store and walks past me twice. She doesn't recognize me in my Ghostbusters T-shirt and she's an idiot anyway. 

At one point I'm pushing past the pharmacy to wave at Mickey and Tim. The lady is there and I hear Mickey tell her we can't fill her Fioricet until tomorrow because the MD has written on the script "must last 30 days from last fill."

"Crazy promised me you would fill it today," she says, having no idea I'm standing right behind her. 

I never promised her anything. It's a lie. Fortunately Mickey knows her games. 

"I'll pay cash" she says. 

"It says must last 30 days regardless of insurance" Mickey tells her. "30 days is tomorrow"

I decide to move on, rolling the cart away. 

"Well it's *almost* 30 days..." I hear her say... and then can't hear her anymore because I'm too far away... blissful peace.


Jade said...

Well done Mickey! And most of all: well done YOU

Anonymous said...

I would have come up behind her and called her on her lie.

getahobby said...

Embarrassing the liar while you're off the clock. Priceless