Monday, July 3, 2017

Quantity Unknown

12:30 pm -- Prescription dropped off:

Yes, they physician did, in fact, give this prescription to his patient without a quantity.

12:45 pm -- Ok, no problem. We'll just call the office. The tech calls and is on hold for ten minutes then gets routed to a voice mail.

3:00 pm -- Patient calls, wants to know what's going on.

3:10 pm -- Tech calls doc office, speaks to a live person, explains the situation. Tech was then told the physician's assistant would call back right away.

4:30 pm -- No return call. I ask the tech to call again. There's no answer at the physician's office.

5:00 pm -- Patient shows up. We explain the situation. The patient APOLOGIZES for the physician.

The next day

10:30 am -- I ask the tech to call again. He gets the voice mail, again. He leaves another message.

We don't hear from the patient. He must have given up.

The following day

3:30 pm -- The office leaves a voice mail to FINALLY to give us a quantity. They didn't have the guts to push through to speak to us.

Next time I'll just make up my own number.


Anonymous said...

This handwriting looks like it is a prescription that the MA writes and then shoves under the nose of the physician to sign as he/she is running from room to room. Unfortunately, after my first year of training/rotations I can say this is the norm in some of the more sketchy practices.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the patient didn't tell you how many they were supposed to have.

su tia said...

Don't understand how we are qualified for MTM but have to call to ask (easily solved) questions. Like this. Or the patient prefers caps over tabs or vice versa and we have to ask to substitute.