Monday, July 17, 2017

Pharmacist! Protect Yourself from GoodRx!

Not-so-GoodRx collects private and personal medical information with EVERY prescription submitted with their BIN and PCN. This data is stored and GoodRx fully admits in their buried "Privacy Policy" that this information will be sold as part of any acquisition of the company.

Your patients should be made aware of this. Moreover, YOU need to protect yourself as a pharmacist or technician. Eventually there will be a lawsuit. Keep yourself out of the line of fire by printing this form and having your patient sign it when they want to use GoodRx.

See below for a link to a Word document you can download, modify, and print. Here's the waiver:

Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability

In consideration of GOOFMART PHARMACY accepting GoodRx as a discount program for medication, please be advised that GoodRx has in the past, does now, and will likely in the future collect patient private and personal medical information. With every prescription submitted to GoodRx for payment, the name of the drug, prescriber, quantity, instructions for use, as well as your name, date of birth, address, and phone number is submitted. This information is captured by GoodRx with every claim and stored in their system.

Although GoodRx claims that they do not sell this information, their privacy policy explicitly states that WHEN the company is sold in the future, all data collected, including your private and personal medication information, will be considered an asset of the company and transferred in the sale.

This waiver of liability holds GOOFMART PHARMACY and specifically pharmacist CRAZY RXMAN harmless and free of any damages caused any the release of private and personal medical information. By signing below, you agree that you will not seek damages from the pharmacy or pharmacist that filled the prescription(s) and accepted the GoodRx platform as a method of payment.

Pharmacist: ________________________________________________________________________________

Pharmacy:     Goofmart Pharmacy
                        123 Need Address
                        Anytown, USA 99332
                        (800) 555-1234

Patient Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Date of Prescription: _________________________________________________________________________

Rx Number: ________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________________________________________

Download your WAIVER document HERE.


Hildy said...

Probably won't work. You can often still sue even if you signed a waiver. Of course, if you're trying to scare people into not using their GoodRX coupons, this might work.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same as any business though? If Goofmart was sold, your patient information would be an asset that would be transferred as part of the sale. Your patients would actually want that to happen for continuation of care purposes.

I get all of the issues with GoodRx but I think a clause that your information may be transferred in the sale of a business is standard for all health care businesses.

Crazy RxMan said...

You're missing the point. First they tell you they will never sell private personal medical information then admit it will be sold when they sell the business.

tbunni said...

Crazy RxMan has a point. As an informed (I hope!) consumer, I read privacy policies carefully. What they collect, how they use it, with whom they share it, to whom they sell it and what happens if they sell (if this is disclosed - it often is NOT.)

The fact that GoodRx states this means they ARE planning to sell your info to that highest bidder. And you have no control over how they use that info. Even if the company buying has good intentions, how trustworthy are their employees and/or data storage systems? If I am on a high maintenance dose of a (street)marketable drug, now someone knows where I live, how old I am and when I refill my meds. Lovely!

I'll pay a fee extra bucks for at least an illusion of security.

Lauren Jean said...

Down with GoodRx!