Saturday, January 6, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: A Prescription for Retail Pharmacy

The following is an unsolicited and honest review of Jean-Marc Bovee's book:

A Prescription for Retail Pharmacy
A Guide to Retail Pharmacy for Patients, Doctors,
Nurses, Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Technicians

Published by iUniverse in 2011

Sadly, the book itself was not shipped in a box, thereby completely ruining my plan to do an "unboxing" video. Everything else I ever order from Amazon comes in a damn box. The one thing I want to come in a box and they deliver it in a padded envelope. Everyone on YouTube is doing "unboxing" videos but I don't get to do one. So yeah, that's extremely unnerving. So right at the start we're looking at a negative review. -1

So I did some basic measurements of the book. It comes in at almost 9" long and 6" wide. It's also a good weight for carrying around. This isn't one of those clunky Stephen King novels where King goes on and on for 100 pages describing the shape and color of a flower. Naw, Bovee has trimmed this book down to a good 132 pages. +1

When I opened the book I was astonished to find that it was not hand-signed by the author. This oversight is extremely disappointing since I'm kinda a big deal on Twitter. Obviously this is some kind of slap in the face and will be dealt with accordingly. -2

You're not going to believe this, but in all of the 132 pages, there is no mention of Butters the dog. Again, what kind of monster keeps such a nice lab but doesn't even mention him in his book. -2

At the end of the book there is a stock photo of some balding guy pretending to be Bovee inside of a pharmacy. We're wise to your games now, Jean-Paul, Jean-Kmart, or whatever you call yourself in Florida. -1

You will also note that this ENTIRE book does not contain one single prescription. There are people out there buying this book thinking it contains a prescription they can then take to their pharmacy, only to find out that this is some clever play on words to get you to buy the book. -2

This book contains no female nudity. -1

This book has no reference to Prince. -1

There are no suck-ups or mentions of Todd Eury. -1

So out of a possible score of 100, this book gets a -10.


Hopefully you know the Crazy RxMan well enough to know that I'm totally kidding. Bovee's book is a riot. He's my brother from another mother who knows exactly what retail pharmacy is all about and has expressed the challenges we face from all angles.

This book is great for pharmacists and technicians who will instantly nod and understand everything said because we live and work in the same dungeons. BUT it's also a good book for non-pharmacy people to read so they can get a better idea of what goes on after they drop off a prescription to be filled. 

Seriously, have a good laugh. Buy this book. Here's right where you can find it: LINK

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