Friday, January 5, 2018

What I think...

...people look like when they ask
for a specific manufacturer of a narcotic.

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Anonymous said...

If anyone even wants to try to hide drug seeking behavior you'd think they'd just be happy to get what they could get instead of trying to control the manufacturer.

I should talk, though. I was getting patches after a bad car accident and I had to keep on going through different manufacturers. That's because I am allergic to various adhesives and I just wanted a brand that didn't leave me with weeping bloody raw areas of skin. I was so happy to find one and also a back up brand that wasn't great but I could tolerate it. I have this issue with band-aids and surgical tape too. It's not a latex allergy and I can't even stick to one brand of bandages because the adhesives vary based on the type of bandage they make and they are happy changing the adhesive willy nilly (probably based on the cost of raw ingredients).