Saturday, January 13, 2018

More Fun at the Goofmart

A lady comes in to pick up her husband’s meds.

Me: “You’ll need to sign it out.”

Her: “Do I sign my name or his name?”

Me: “When have YOU ever signed a legal document with someone else’s name?

Her: blank stare

Me: blank stare

Her: Signs her name, pays, leaves.
Guy calls...

“Your computer called me. I have a prescription to pick up?”

“Yes. Gabapentin. 800mg. $5 co-pay. It’s on the shelf.”

“So is it ready?”

“Yes. It’s *ON* the shelf, ready to pick up. That’s why the computer called you.”

“So I can come get it?”

Last week one of the techs, who has always been a constant problem for us, says she needs to take a break for an important phone call. 

"It won't be longer than 10-15 minutes," she said.

We're busy, but she has a teenage son. I understand the need to make phone calls at certain times.

15 minutes passes

20 minutes passes

30 minutes passes

I look out into the waiting room. She's still on the phone, but puts up her finger into the air when she sees me, indicating she'll only be another minute.

I go back to the nightmare we call filling prescriptions. 

She finally returns. A full 90 minutes has passed.

"Sorry," was all I heard.

THE NEXT DAY... the same tech TELLS me she's going to lunch at 12:30pm. Usually she asks if she can go to lunch. Today she tells me.

I never see her again. She came to work, worked three hours, and without so much as a goodbye she walked out.

Retail Pharmacy is JUST SO MUCH FUN!

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