Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dear Prescribers

We're getting a lot of prescriptions now from prescribers with drug discount program info embedded into the prescription. It's even showing up in e-Scripts.

Please stop this nonsense. We're not here to provide you another kickback.

We'll take care of the billing part of the prescription process. YOU handle the physician part and prescribing. We'll handle the filling and payment part.

Fair enough?


Anonymous said...

We have to ignore them. We can't take those discount cards that they put on the rx' s. The patient has to bring in the card. And they can only have 1 card on file.

was1 said...

not related to the coupon bullshit but i always liked the directions to put drops into the 'operative eye'. it seems to me that the operative eye is the one that works. the bad eye would be the inoperative one.

Kassy said...

Despite all the accusations of getting kickbacks (though this is a new claim type) I have yet to receive a single penny from a PBR, insurance company other than as payment for patient care, or pharmaceutical company (have had some mediocre meals in exchange for listening to their near useless marketing)

Anonymous said...

What Kassy said. I am sure it is the clearinghouse that is doing that. No doctor would waste his/her time with such garbage.