Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Want to Share a Bench?

So, you're out in public. You need to sit and wait at a local restaurant. There's only so many seats available to wait, but by golly you sure don't want a crazy pharmacist to sit next to you. You want to sit in peace and read your AARP magazine without being bothered. So all you have to do is sit far enough away from one edge, cross your legs like you're Dick Cavett, have your shirt unbuttoned, wear cheap jewelry, and proudly display your "mandals" to scare off any potential bench-sitters. Also, place your "man bag" far enough over so that no one can actually sit at the other end of the bench. Mission accomplished! The Crazy RxMan stayed far away from that bench!


Anonymous said...

REALLY?? So cynical. Maybe a vacation is in order. Just ask him to move the bag so you can sit down. He's not contagious, just a guy who's different from you.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like this is no accident. This guy is really trying to hog the whole bench. And when you're out in public common courtesy should be out there so that you don't have to ask someone to move their crap which is taking up most of the bench. I see EXACTLY what RxMan is saying.