Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pharmacy Techs on TOP TEN Most UNDERPAID Jobs

That's right, fellow pharmacists... our technicians are seriously underpaid. The Pharmacy Technician job has made it's way to a recent list of the "Ten Most Underpaid Jobs."

Lead pharmacy technician ($34,900). They help fill your prescriptions under the direction of the pharmacist at a retail chain or non-retail outlet. Yet the interaction with patients is minimal and pharmacies, like other parts of the healthcare industry, are under constant pressure to cut costs.

I've been through my share of technicians over the years and I can tell you that while a bad tech can really make your life miserable as a pharmacist, but a good tech is worth their weight in gold. Certainly a higher wage would attract more of the good technicians, as would NOT REDUCING TECH HOURS, you corporate muckity-mucks.


Anonymous said...

Now I am even happier with myself for sending Walgreens a glowing note about the pharm tech who recently went over and above for me. The pharmecist was 'meh', but the tech provided a level of service I did not expect (but deeply appreciated), so I sent Walgreens a note to say so. I just hope it gets to her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this topic to everyone's attention. As a Certified Pharmacy Technician, I will do almost anything to make a good pharmacist's life easy. But stick me with an inept, lazy pharmacist and I can make them look like a complete dipshit.
To the general public that bitch out the "stupid clerk" about the wait time and just fling their rx at us should know that we have access to manufacturers coupons, discounts, etc. that may drastically reduce your cost. But you and your attitude will get to pay full cost. We also determine workflow, so if you are a pain, you just might find your wait time a bit longer, due to "unforeseen circumstances"
Those customers that are kind and friendly usually get special treatment. I will do everything I can to save them money and get their rx done asap.
Bottom line: We are seriously underpaid considering we act as your whipping post, spouse, secretary, insurance agent and mommy.
Despite all the hassles, we still love our chosen profession and strive daily to do our absolute best. And are grateful when someone recognizes our hard work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying this, Rx Man. My company won't let anyone work full time, so my pay isn't even CLOSE to $34,900. Fortunately, I work for a unionized company, so I have excellent benefits. In reality, I say that I work for health insurance. I love being a pharmacy technician, and I work with people that I like and respect. I feel that I do an important service for my community. I feel valued by my department manager, who is an awesome person and an excellent pharmacist. And yet- I am desperately trying to find another job. I have a Bachelor's degree, and I would like to be able to use it. But that's not even why I want to leave. The primary reason I want to leave my job is that I simply don't get paid enough for the work I do to take care of my customers AND take care of my pharmacist bosses. Working the hours my company allows, I brought home only $14,500 last year, BEFORE taxes. There is no excuse for that.

Unknown said...

That is not good. As a nurses assistant I make about 40K before taxes.

Pope of Capitalism said...

The market set's wages/prices not employers. Name a profession that claims to be overpaid. It's one thing to say they are helpful, but quite another to say they are overpaid.