Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun Website:

I've come across a website which entertains me. It's It's where WEIRD THINGS COME TO LIFE. Many years ago I worked in the vending department at my college. I was known among the local kids as "THE SODA MAN" in the married student housing area. When I cam to refill the machines, they'd come running to watch me fill the machines. Sometimes if the crowd wasn't too large I'd hand out a free soda or two and thus earned the title. Later they'd all come running and yell, "I like try one free soda!" 

Because of my college days, vending machines intrigue me. I'd like try to have my own vending machine company. I'd probably make more money being a pharmacist for a large corporation. So that's why when I saw this listing of unusual vending machines I wanted to share it. For example, shows some unusual vending machines such as a Chinese live crab dispenser. Or a Lego vending machine. Check out this link for unusual vending machines.

Other fun stuff on this website:

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Microscopic Pictures

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Anonymous said...

"I like try one free soda" ... Hawaii? :D

Alexandra said...

thanks for enjoying my website. I searched on the web to see if anyone used to read it and if it's worth starting again to post pictures :)